It’s okay to have a bad day


It feels weird when there’s no reason to feel down, but you do. Maybe things have happened in the last few days or weeks and you think you have forgotten them, but turns out they are still there at the back of your mind. Perhaps, it is these things that ruin your day.

Every individual has their own set of worries, but obviously our own problems seem a lot worse than others’. Some have abusive parents; some oppressed by bullies; some suffer from financial insecurities, there are innumerable problems people go through. One doesn’t know what the other faces. Some are excellent in hiding their issues, while some react violently. It is difficult to go through an entire day when your mind is clouded by issues, either you snap at others at the most silly things or you bottle up everything and cry at the end of the day. I belong to the latter.

There are some unfortunate ones amongst us who have no one to share their thoughts with. It is tormenting when you have to keep everything within yourself, it is during these moments when you wish there was someone you could confide into, someone who won’t misuse your trust. Some of us may have even confided into someone, turns out they either never cared, or were actually glad you were going through all that crap.

Life throws lemons at all times, it depends on us how we deal with it. There’s one thing to always remember – we have to go through the entire thing to reach the end. Perhaps a situation seems very difficult right now, but once we are done with it, we realise what lessons it taught us. There’s always a solution to a problem, but what tests our patience is the time it takes to find the solution. There’s always a reward for the patience.

It’s okay to have a bad day, it’s okay to be upset, but in the end you have to stand up and fight your fears.


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5 Cheap Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata


Who doesn’t like the mesmerising smell of a hot bowl of noodles? 

Kolkata is a city for food lovers, I believe there’s not a single cuisine that cannot be found here. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Mughlai and the list goes on. You can find various restaurants depending on your budget, some can burn a hole in your pocket, while others make you question “how is this so inexpensive?”.  I’m going to list 5 Chinese restaurants that will make your tastebuds glad and your wallet grateful. 😉

1. Evergreen : A small restaurant run by a Chinese family, tucked away in the narrow lanes of Tangra a.k.a China Town. Evergreen possibly serves the most authentic Chinese dishes you can find in Kolkata. Their Cantonese noodles and garlic chicken are to die for. You’ll often find local Chinese people enjoying their lunch. The portions are enough to fill your tummy and not make your pocket pinch. Also, you’ll get to meet their adorable kids – which is a bonus.

2. Mandarin Gourmet : Yet another gem of Tangra. A spacious joint that can easily host a dinner party. I wouldn’t say this is the best in the list in terms of taste, but the portions will make you scream “OH MY GOD!”. I’m not even joking, this WILL be your reaction. It may seem pricy, but once you see the gigantic bowl, you wouldn’t question it. I highly recommend their flat noodles and konjee crispy chicken.

3. Golden Dragon : One of the oldest restaurants located in the upscale Park Street. The very name ‘Park Street’ makes one imagine all the expensive and grand restaurants like Marco Polo, Peter Cat, Mocambo (BAE ❤ ), etc. But amidst all these bustling places, proudly stands Golden Dragon. It isn’t as spacious or grand compared to its competitors, but after tasting the food, the space or decor shouldn’t bother you. Extremely cheap compared to other Park Street elites, and the dishes will make you want to visit again.

4. Tung Nam : The list in incomplete without mentioning at least one restaurant from North Kolkata. Situated in a tiny lane in Bara Bazaar since ages, this place is hard to locate as it isn’t large, neither is it well-decorated, nor does it have an eye catching banner. If you manage to find this hidden gem without wandering much, congrats! Coming to the food, in one word – delicious. I still haven’t forgotten the taste of their veg cantonese noodles. Probably the best cantonese noodles I ever had. Their menu has a vast number of dishes, each one of them worth trying. The prices are reasonable and portions decent. Their pork in hamei sauce is worth mentioning.

5. Nu Wan Li : A lovely restaurant on Hazra main road, can be easily overlooked. It took me days to find this place. Run by a humble Chinese lady, this joint serves some lip-smacking dishes. Honestly, this has become one of my fave Chinese restaurants in South Kolkata. I love their pan fried noodles and kung pao chicken. Well, I love ALL their dishes. Too hard to choose one. The prices are so low, it almost seems unreal.

I have tried innumerable Chinese restaurants in Kolkata and these are the most cheap joints who serve authentic Chinese cuisine. There are some others who have stolen my heart but they belong to the pricier scale. I shall make a list of them, soon. 😀


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Keeping a diary is the best thing ever


I have been writing diaries since I was a 6th grader. That was perhaps one of the best habits I had developed. Started off with a cute little pink diary which came with a useless lock. I believe my mom always wanted to know what ‘secrets I had kept, but I think she never went through it (I really hope she didn’t).

That girlish diary with BRATZ on the cover is now a laughing riot for me. The pages only consisted of my daily banters with friends and family, which hardly make sense now. I recall a lot pages being dedicated to one monotonous thing – how much I hated my parents. They basically tried to control their pre-teen brat, but the brat just considered them to be jailers. The next topic which covered a huge proportion was about my crushes. It’s funny how I had at least 2 crushes every year. When I look at their pictures on Facebook, it makes me wonder exactly what made me fall for them. (Oh, that stupid lil teen heart!) To sum it up, my choices have been horrendous.

The diary of the pre-teen and teen now lies at the back of my cupboard. I stopped writing for almost a year out of sheer laziness. But, it was then I realised how much writing a diary comforted me. There were certain things in life which weren’t meant to be shared and keeping them within me was tormenting. Thankfully, I discovered the concept of online diaries. It was nothing less than a boon. Since I spend most of my time online (not just entertainment, for educational requirements as well. 😛 ), this was the perfect thing for me.

I opened an account and started writing in my brand new online diary. I have been maintaining the virtual diary since 2012 (WHOA!). Even though I don’t get the time to write everyday, I try to write about the important events of my life. But it is mostly filled with rants. I rant a lot. LOL.

Maintaining a diary was one of the best decisions I made, and I’m proud of it. I hardly made good decisions during my teens years, so yeah, I deserve a gold medal for this.


Dealing with negativity


Sometimes the atmosphere around you can really bring you down. The problem with negativity is that you don’t know from where to start and how to put it down in words. Should it be overly personal? Will it offend anyone? I don’t know.

Everyone has various issues in their personal lives, probably enough to ruin their mood. But what makes it worse is when there’s nothing positive in the news. Turn on the television, read the newspaper or any online news blog, it’s all about doom and gloom. It makes me wonder to what has the world come to? All we get to read these days are about political upheavals, corruption, murders, terrorism, poverty and every other thing that makes you question the humankind. It is necessary to know what’s happening around you, but sometimes it’s a bit too much.

After a tiring day  I usually scroll through social media on my phone whilst laying on the bed hoping to come across something that will cheer me up. But all I get to see are news about doom and gloom, tons of click-bait articles and friends showing off their amazing lives expecting to boost their egos in the form of ‘likes’.  (I don’t understand how the number of likes can make a person reach cloud nine, but apparently it does. LOL)

These days logging into Facebook or any other social networking site annoys me. Instead, I spend my free time talking to a few close online friends who make me realise that the world still has some nice people. They help you out more than your real life friends or relatives could have ever helped you, stay by your side during your toughest times. It’s been almost 4 years since we have been together and perhaps they know me more than I will ever know myself. They say, if a friendship lasts 7 years, it lasts for a lifetime. I really hope our friendship stands the test of time. But my best friend has to be music. Music can get you through anything and everything. Also, when you’re in a situation where you don’t want to talk to anybody but eavesdrop, headphones become your BFF. 😛

I started the post in a very depressing tone but it got diverted to a completely different track. Typical me.


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Paris Café | Macaroons and Milkshake


Aren’t those bright colours really tempting? Chocolate, lemon and strawberry, all of them are my favourite flavours. Bought few macaroons and an absolutely lip smacking chocolate milkshake the other day from Paris Café, a small café in Kolkata offering a wide variety of breakfast and brunch items. The milkshake looked so delicious that I finished it off without realising that I hadn’t taken a photograph, my bad! Also, the quantity was huge. I simply can’t explain how amazing it tasted. 

The macaroons initially didn’t taste great cause of a mistake I made. 😛 But after eating them the right way, I loved them so much. I’m down for anything that has chocolate in it,  but the case of macaroons didn’t take the usual route. My taste buds were most pleased with the lemon one followed by the strawberry flavour. Nonetheless, the chocolate macaroon didn’t taste bad.  

Now that I have written them down, I’m craving for a chocolate milkshake again. 😦 Paris Café or anyone else serving delicious milkshakes, expect this chocolate lover soon!

Out of context, just booked tickets for a mini Europe tour and I’m so excited. Eeeks!