Buildup To Results

After you’re done with the exams you finally start getting back to the normal HUMAN life. After a few weeks when you finally feel like you’re getting back to the usual humdrum – BOOM! the announcement of results are made. And you start to realise why did you even try getting back to the human life, cause in reality that’s NOT what the Uni expects you to do. Here are the 6 stages we go through before the D-day

1. You try to divert yourself but your friends have other plans for you. Throughout the year you get 2 calls, 3 texts and a handful WhatsApp messages, a week prior to results – 200 calls, 50 texts and 82327392972 WhatsApp messages. Friends are amazing, right? Right.


2. You try to keep negative thoughts away throughout the day but when it’s bedtime all hell breaks loose (I don’t need to explain what happens, you already know) and you end up looking like a zombie the next day.


3. You start counting the number of days left for survival. Yep, and try to follow the “Live life like there’s no tomorrow” quote. It is during these days you make all the never-to-be-executed plans of travelling the world.


4. You end up browsing online horoscopes thinking a bunch of online psychics might reveal your grades through prophecies or do some magic that might break into your university’s online system and make you the topper.


5. The D-day arrives and all of a sudden you become the most religious person the world has ever witnessed.


6. Minutes left for your results to flash on the screen and you keep refreshing the webpage. Fingers feel colder than Antarctica and finally the beautiful alphabets (A,B,C,D) flash on the screen, you stare at them as if God has himself appeared in front of you and then this happens…


*Results out. Passes. Cancels all travelling plans. Goes to watch netflix.*



gifs : tumblr