American Horror Story : A Confusion?


I was supposed to write this post right after the episode, but laziness took over me. LOL. Anyhow, after a long wait American Horror Story – Season 6 is back, but with no specific theme. The production released a couple of trailers claiming one of them to be real. In honour of Season 6, here are 6 confusions or questions that I had while watching the first episode, titled ‘chapter 1’.

1. Documentary? : My first question while watching the show was “is this going to be a documentary?”, cause that’s what it felt like. Different actors narrating the story, and different actors playing it, two different sets of actors seemed weird to me. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of documentaries, but AHS is trying to push it down my throat.

2. Credits & Music? : From the beginning to the end, we didn’t get to see the good old ‘American Horror Story’ even once! The only thing that flashed on the screen was ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’. Even the famous AHS music was gone. Where did they go?

3. Lady Gaga, where art thou? : Seriously, where was Lady Gaga? Or did I miss her out? I was definitely expecting to see her on the first episode, but she was nowhere. Gaga didn’t even have a cameo role in the premiere. So little has been revealed about the plot, it’s hard to say what role the previously Countess is going to play this season. I have my hopes high, though.

4. The missing case of Evan Peters : Evan Peters has been a consistent since season 1, what’s the cause of his disappearance this time? I have a feeling he is the head of the cult group or something. Probably has a major role to play, but I was really hoping to see the hottie in the first episode. You better be there in the next chapter, Peters!

5. Piggys? : First, a dead pig appears at Shelby and Matt’s doorstep which Matt buries to the ground, then some piggy sounds at night and finally the house video of a piggy with a human-like body (The video was definitely terrifying, btw). This kinda reminded me of the weird pig guy from season 1. What do pigs have to do this season?

6. Falling Teeth? : Okay, the very sight of falling teeth was gross. I mean…teeth rain?! Most people are confused where the teeth came from, but I’m confused…WHERE DID THEY DISAPPEAR TO? Hundreds and thousands of teeth must have fallen, where did they all go? Since it was only Shelby who witnessed it, was she hallucinating? Strange.

These were the main questions or confusions I had. Apart from these, I’m also confused as to how the Rednecks fit in the story and how all this is going to tie up with the Roanoke Disappearance. Hopefully, we’ll get to see glimpses of Lady Gaga and Evan Peters next episode. In the promo for chapter 2, viewers suggest that Lady Gaga can be spotted at a glance alongside Kathy Bates, but…I’m kinda not sure if it’s her. Let’s see.