5 Bakeries I Swear By


Kolkata is a place scattered with bakeries, no wonder I’m so obsessed with soufflés since eternity. I love anything that has chocolate in it – pastries, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, just anything. So, here are 5 bakeries I’ve always loved. Some of them are heritages while some are new yet winning hearts like crazy.

1. Nahoum and Sons : Oh boy, it’s a pressure to start off with one of the oldest bakeries in the city *wipes sweat*. Although I have been well acquainted about this place since I was a kid, I didn’t quite get to explore the variety of bakes they offer, until lately. Established in 1902 (!!!) at the New Market area, this Jewish bakery takes us back to a vintage era of confectioners. I can’t list down all the items that I love, cause in reality I love everything they offer. But if I push myself a little, I’d say my favourite has to be the rum balls.

2. Mrs. Magpie : This bakery has 2 locations now, one at Southern Avenue and the other at the Chambers Mall, Kasba. I’ve been a frequent visitor of the Southern Avenue branch (which happens to be the original outlet), and have always felt like a princess in a fairytale. The decor is all pink with fairytale-like seating arrangements, there’s also a cute little bell that rings when you enter the shop. What impresses me the most about Mrs. Magpie is distinct designs of cupcakes. Yes, they are on the pricier side, but you’ll feel like staring at the mini cupcakes all day, THEY ARE SO PRETTY! They design their cakes according to various occasions, I personally loved the Halloween themed ones. Other than that, their marshmallows are worth a try.

3. Design My Cake : The picture I clicked for this post? Yes, those soufflés are from Design My Cake. A relatively new bakery in the Gariahat area, this place has some good things to offer. With the red and white theme, the decor very well expresses what it’s all about. Even though I’m a sucker for chocolate, I always end up picking their mango cheese cake, it is so delicious! The pricing is average, doesn’t pinch your pocket much. Also, as the name suggests you can customise your own cakes, which is an absolute Godsend.

4. Ovenfresh – Kenilworth Hotels : Located in the posh locality of Theatre road, Kenilworth is one of the most prestigious names in the city and they definitely deserve it. I have been at their dine (the ambiance was grand!), left with a pleasant memory, and then on to their bakery section. Ovenfresh has a wide variety of bakes to offer. Starting from their chocolate gateaux to the chocolate brownies, everything is amazing. I’m a huge fan of their red velvet cookies, something that other bakeries can’t compete with, in my opinion.

5. Cakewali : A small bakery situated in Ballygunge Circular road, has been bringing smiles since a few months now. It doesn’t have any seating arrangements, but the food it has to offer compensates for all. I love their blueberry cheesecakes and all the burritos! I never liked burritos until Cakewali happened. The prices are moderate, but the items are amazing. Even though it’s a small shoppe, I have often returned home empty handed as everything gets sold out by 6 P.M. Massive thumbs up for their service!

If you plan to visit Kolkata or are from Kolkata, do give these places a try, your sweet tooth will thank you (and me).



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