Painting nails, munching & musings.


I know, the application of my nail paint isn’t great, but no matter what you say, applying nail paint is an art and it’s not easy. So far into this week I didn’t have much to do other than attending a tuition class. I haven’t even left the house in 2 days, haven’t seen a single human face. It’s raining outside so it was the best time to paint my nails. I LOVEEE the colour. Also, isn’t my phone case absolutely adorable? It’s full of cute quotes and it’s white, my favourite colour other than black. My tastes are so Yin Yang-esque. LOL.

While painting my nails I was listening to my current favourite playlist. Suicide Squad soundtracks are basically dominating it – Bohemian Rhapsody and Heathens are the hot cakes right now. Also, I watched the movie last week, even though the reviews weren’t in the movie’s favour, I LOVED IT. Albeit the editing was sloppy, the acting was great. I wanted more of Joker though, Jared Leto was A+. Another movie I recently watched was Finding Dory and OH. MY. GOD., it’s the cutest thing ever! I actually think it’s better than Finding Nemo? Idk. Baby Dory made me melt, I didn’t know how to control myself, the cuteness was just too much. ❤ Coming back to the playlist, it’s been 2 months and I’m still obsessed with Sia’s Cheap Thrills, there’s something about the song that just gets me grooving. Also, who isn’t obsessed with Adele’s Send My Love (to your new luhhhvaaaah)?


After I was done drying my nails, I was craving for something sweet. Had a Hoppits lying  around in the fridge, took it out and enjoyed the lovely granola and nuts bar covered in chocolate. I love anything that’s covered in chocolate, chocolate is love; chocolate is life. 😎 Since it has granola it also ‘appears’ to be healthy (I know, it’s not), nothing to be guilty about. Spent the rest of the day browsing the internet (mostly Buzzfeed. 😛 ), hogging food and listening to music. A rainy day well spent.

I was going to ramble more, then realised how lengthy the post already is. Bye.



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