It’s okay to have a bad day


It feels weird when there’s no reason to feel down, but you do. Maybe things have happened in the last few days or weeks and you think you have forgotten them, but turns out they are still there at the back of your mind. Perhaps, it is these things that ruin your day.

Every individual has their own set of worries, but obviously our own problems seem a lot worse than others’. Some have abusive parents; some oppressed by bullies; some suffer from financial insecurities, there are innumerable problems people go through. One doesn’t know what the other faces. Some are excellent in hiding their issues, while some react violently. It is difficult to go through an entire day when your mind is clouded by issues, either you snap at others at the most silly things or you bottle up everything and cry at the end of the day. I belong to the latter.

There are some unfortunate ones amongst us who have no one to share their thoughts with. It is tormenting when you have to keep everything within yourself, it is during these moments when you wish there was someone you could confide into, someone who won’t misuse your trust. Some of us may have even confided into someone, turns out they either never cared, or were actually glad you were going through all that crap.

Life throws lemons at all times, it depends on us how we deal with it. There’s one thing to always remember – we have to go through the entire thing to reach the end. Perhaps a situation seems very difficult right now, but once we are done with it, we realise what lessons it taught us. There’s always a solution to a problem, but what tests our patience is the time it takes to find the solution. There’s always a reward for the patience.

It’s okay to have a bad day, it’s okay to be upset, but in the end you have to stand up and fight your fears.


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