5 Cheap Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata


Who doesn’t like the mesmerising smell of a hot bowl of noodles? 

Kolkata is a city for food lovers, I believe there’s not a single cuisine that cannot be found here. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Mughlai and the list goes on. You can find various restaurants depending on your budget, some can burn a hole in your pocket, while others make you question “how is this so inexpensive?”.  I’m going to list 5 Chinese restaurants that will make your tastebuds glad and your wallet grateful. 😉

1. Evergreen : A small restaurant run by a Chinese family, tucked away in the narrow lanes of Tangra a.k.a China Town. Evergreen possibly serves the most authentic Chinese dishes you can find in Kolkata. Their Cantonese noodles and garlic chicken are to die for. You’ll often find local Chinese people enjoying their lunch. The portions are enough to fill your tummy and not make your pocket pinch. Also, you’ll get to meet their adorable kids – which is a bonus.

2. Mandarin Gourmet : Yet another gem of Tangra. A spacious joint that can easily host a dinner party. I wouldn’t say this is the best in the list in terms of taste, but the portions will make you scream “OH MY GOD!”. I’m not even joking, this WILL be your reaction. It may seem pricy, but once you see the gigantic bowl, you wouldn’t question it. I highly recommend their flat noodles and konjee crispy chicken.

3. Golden Dragon : One of the oldest restaurants located in the upscale Park Street. The very name ‘Park Street’ makes one imagine all the expensive and grand restaurants like Marco Polo, Peter Cat, Mocambo (BAE ❤ ), etc. But amidst all these bustling places, proudly stands Golden Dragon. It isn’t as spacious or grand compared to its competitors, but after tasting the food, the space or decor shouldn’t bother you. Extremely cheap compared to other Park Street elites, and the dishes will make you want to visit again.

4. Tung Nam : The list in incomplete without mentioning at least one restaurant from North Kolkata. Situated in a tiny lane in Bara Bazaar since ages, this place is hard to locate as it isn’t large, neither is it well-decorated, nor does it have an eye catching banner. If you manage to find this hidden gem without wandering much, congrats! Coming to the food, in one word – delicious. I still haven’t forgotten the taste of their veg cantonese noodles. Probably the best cantonese noodles I ever had. Their menu has a vast number of dishes, each one of them worth trying. The prices are reasonable and portions decent. Their pork in hamei sauce is worth mentioning.

5. Nu Wan Li : A lovely restaurant on Hazra main road, can be easily overlooked. It took me days to find this place. Run by a humble Chinese lady, this joint serves some lip-smacking dishes. Honestly, this has become one of my fave Chinese restaurants in South Kolkata. I love their pan fried noodles and kung pao chicken. Well, I love ALL their dishes. Too hard to choose one. The prices are so low, it almost seems unreal.

I have tried innumerable Chinese restaurants in Kolkata and these are the most cheap joints who serve authentic Chinese cuisine. There are some others who have stolen my heart but they belong to the pricier scale. I shall make a list of them, soon. 😀


Image : picjumbo


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