Keeping a diary is the best thing ever


I have been writing diaries since I was a 6th grader. That was perhaps one of the best habits I had developed. Started off with a cute little pink diary which came with a useless lock. I believe my mom always wanted to know what ‘secrets I had kept, but I think she never went through it (I really hope she didn’t).

That girlish diary with BRATZ on the cover is now a laughing riot for me. The pages only consisted of my daily banters with friends and family, which hardly make sense now. I recall a lot pages being dedicated to one monotonous thing – how much I hated my parents. They basically tried to control their pre-teen brat, but the brat just considered them to be jailers. The next topic which covered a huge proportion was about my crushes. It’s funny how I had at least 2 crushes every year. When I look at their pictures on Facebook, it makes me wonder exactly what made me fall for them. (Oh, that stupid lil teen heart!) To sum it up, my choices have been horrendous.

The diary of the pre-teen and teen now lies at the back of my cupboard. I stopped writing for almost a year out of sheer laziness. But, it was then I realised how much writing a diary comforted me. There were certain things in life which weren’t meant to be shared and keeping them within me was tormenting. Thankfully, I discovered the concept of online diaries. It was nothing less than a boon. Since I spend most of my time online (not just entertainment, for educational requirements as well. 😛 ), this was the perfect thing for me.

I opened an account and started writing in my brand new online diary. I have been maintaining the virtual diary since 2012 (WHOA!). Even though I don’t get the time to write everyday, I try to write about the important events of my life. But it is mostly filled with rants. I rant a lot. LOL.

Maintaining a diary was one of the best decisions I made, and I’m proud of it. I hardly made good decisions during my teens years, so yeah, I deserve a gold medal for this.



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