Dealing with negativity


Sometimes the atmosphere around you can really bring you down. The problem with negativity is that you don’t know from where to start and how to put it down in words. Should it be overly personal? Will it offend anyone? I don’t know.

Everyone has various issues in their personal lives, probably enough to ruin their mood. But what makes it worse is when there’s nothing positive in the news. Turn on the television, read the newspaper or any online news blog, it’s all about doom and gloom. It makes me wonder to what has the world come to? All we get to read these days are about political upheavals, corruption, murders, terrorism, poverty and every other thing that makes you question the humankind. It is necessary to know what’s happening around you, but sometimes it’s a bit too much.

After a tiring day  I usually scroll through social media on my phone whilst laying on the bed hoping to come across something that will cheer me up. But all I get to see are news about doom and gloom, tons of click-bait articles and friends showing off their amazing lives expecting to boost their egos in the form of ‘likes’.  (I don’t understand how the number of likes can make a person reach cloud nine, but apparently it does. LOL)

These days logging into Facebook or any other social networking site annoys me. Instead, I spend my free time talking to a few close online friends who make me realise that the world still has some nice people. They help you out more than your real life friends or relatives could have ever helped you, stay by your side during your toughest times. It’s been almost 4 years since we have been together and perhaps they know me more than I will ever know myself. They say, if a friendship lasts 7 years, it lasts for a lifetime. I really hope our friendship stands the test of time. But my best friend has to be music. Music can get you through anything and everything. Also, when you’re in a situation where you don’t want to talk to anybody but eavesdrop, headphones become your BFF. 😛

I started the post in a very depressing tone but it got diverted to a completely different track. Typical me.


Image : Splitshire


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