Paris Café | Macaroons and Milkshake


Aren’t those bright colours really tempting? Chocolate, lemon and strawberry, all of them are my favourite flavours. Bought few macaroons and an absolutely lip smacking chocolate milkshake the other day from Paris Café, a small café in Kolkata offering a wide variety of breakfast and brunch items. The milkshake looked so delicious that I finished it off without realising that I hadn’t taken a photograph, my bad! Also, the quantity was huge. I simply can’t explain how amazing it tasted. 

The macaroons initially didn’t taste great cause of a mistake I made. 😛 But after eating them the right way, I loved them so much. I’m down for anything that has chocolate in it,  but the case of macaroons didn’t take the usual route. My taste buds were most pleased with the lemon one followed by the strawberry flavour. Nonetheless, the chocolate macaroon didn’t taste bad.  

Now that I have written them down, I’m craving for a chocolate milkshake again. 😦 Paris Café or anyone else serving delicious milkshakes, expect this chocolate lover soon!

Out of context, just booked tickets for a mini Europe tour and I’m so excited. Eeeks! 



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